Story Still Tavern

One infamous watering hole since prohibition.

From Bathtub Gin…

The Story Inn’s tavern is named after the still that Brown County Sheriff Clarence Moore captured at this location in 1932. Today we celebrate the fermentation process, and most certainly we acknowledge the value it imparts upon ordinary grain and fruit. Were it not for this cottage industry, we doubt if any of Brown County’s residents could have survived the Great Depression. (Curiously, the grain mill that stands silently next door ceased operations not long after the enactment of the 21st Amendment, which repealed Prohibition.)

…to Hoosier Hops

Today the Story Still will openly accommodate the most pedestrian as well as pompous of palates.  We proudly feature six taps, which are exclusively reserved for seasonal Indiana micro brews, as well as a lengthy list of domestic, imported, and regional beers.  Our full, extensive, and award winning wine list is also available, as well as a plethora of custom mixed drinks.

Hours of Operation

*****CLOSED Monday*****

Tuesday- Thursday    2pm-7pm

Friday-Sunday  12pm-8pm 

Hours change seasonally.