Our Team

One Passionate Team of Professionals.

Jackie Wilkerson Gardener Extraordinaire

Jackie loves the outdoors, rain or shine, and found her home in the Story gardens in 2012. She's responsible for meticulously maintaining all of our ever expanding culinary gardens that produce everything from heirloom tomatoes to micro greens, as well as the towns multiple wildflower gardens.

Britani Ham Event Manager / Marketing Director

Britani joined the Story Inn team in 2013 as a seasonal bartender, but fell in love with Story and is still a part of the team years later. As Director of Sales. She is committed to making each event is special and memorable for everyone involved.

Dan Thomas Executive Chef

Chef Thomas, a Brown County Native, took the lead of our culinary team in 2019, and brought with him a strong passion for sustainable Hoosier cuisine. He is passionate about supporting farmers from the heartland of America. His goal is to elevate Indiana cuisine by looking to the past and progressing food into the future. he hopes that when you come to Story you will leave with a memory of flavors that resonate with you no matter where you are from.

Matt Gordon Wine Director

Matt brings 15 years in the wine and spirits trade to Story in his role as wine director.  A lifetime resident of nearby Columbus, he takes great pleasure in the power and nuance of his wares and applying them toward the highest possible level of of his guests' delight.

Jacob & Kate Ebel Co-Owners

Jacob and Kate joined the Story team in 2015, and act as the general manager and director of sales & events, respectively. They are both formally trained in culinary arts, and after honing their skills and palettes through some of the country's top destination resorts, they've settled as two of Story's four residents. Jacob and Kate share a passion for over the top hospitality, sustainable food & drink, and nurturing the growth of that culture at Story.

Rich Hofstetter Co-Owner

While growing up, Rich learned nearly every position at the Story Inn working with his late father, Richard.  He later went on to earn an MBA, and hone his skills in business accounting and software development.  His primary commitment is to carry on his father’s legacy at Story by improving and building upon the current foundation.

(In Memory Of) Richard R. Hofstetter Co-Owner

Rick was an attorney and law professor who had fought to preserve many of Indiana’s most distinguished historic landmarks. He served as the first president of the Athenaeum Foundation, Inc., an effort which saved the Athenaeum building in downtown Indianapolis and earned Rick the Sandi Servaas Award for Historic Preservation in 1992.  Rick purchased the town of Story in 1998 and has made preservation of this Hoosier historic landmark a true labor of love. Rick had also recently wrote a book, Kentuckiana Roads. You can learn more about it here.

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